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"'Stonehenge Throwdown' begins violently with a rhythm section wail that dissolves into creeping piano and watchful horns, which envelop you like waking up in a city ravaged by war the evening prior." 


"Varner expertly honors tradition with hard bop and swing themes while simultaneously exploring and building on the genre's evolution through tango, bossa nova, and samba-infused textures."  - Jeremy Steinberger, Music Critic

L.A. Jazz Scene Review

"These days, the jazz world is filled with a countless number of talents. In fact, there are more brilliant musicians active in jazz today than there have ever been, and they are based throughout the world. One new name to remember is Zack Varner, an excellent alto and tenor-saxophonist who calls Austin, Texas his home.  Originally raised near Atlanta, Varner has been a pro for over 15 years but he is long overdue to be discovered."  -Scott Yanow, Jazz Scholar and Journalist

Jazz en Dominicana 

Interview and Promotion for Santo Domingo Jazz Festival Performance by Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert


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99.5 Radio Campus Tours: Jazz Story (France)

Blues in the Nude featured on January 23rd episode, 2018



Jambase Review of Tiny Heaven


"Saxophones played by guitarist Zack Varner further mix things up on “Out Of The Dark,” the title track, which is the most creative cut on the album, with the sound of singing Himalayan yogis in the distance and cymbals crashing like waves make this a haunting and unique track." -Alex Borsody

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