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La Vida de una piÑata (2022)
animated short, (composed for Indie film music competition 2023)

Zack Varner has been selected as a Finalist for the 2022 FMC international Film Scoring Competition! (Video Game  Division)

Check out his score for the trailer to "Die by the Blade":

Sister Aimee  (2019)

film by Kill claudio Productions, score by Graham Reynolds

Zack Varner studio soundtrack credits: (saxophone and clarinet)

Sprite Fright (2022)
animated short by Blender studio, Music by Zack Varner

Downbeat  (2020)
 film by Treadwell Productions
 Original music by zack varner


Zack Varner Music is also now licensing film cues through:


      I work with a small team of instrumentalists and audio engineers to create music for all types of media.  I can offer a direct collaboration between filmmaker and composer, as well as musical compositions spanning a broad range of styles and instrumental settings. Orchestral and chamber music, jazz, solo piano or guitar, rock, pop and synth-laden electronic textures are all fair game.  We have a wide variety of professional level samples, as well as the ability to record many instruments in house. While our library of cues is consistently expanding, our primary intention is to reach creators seeking music tailored to the emotional trajectory of a distinct story. Stock cues are always available, and may work fine, but why not add some uniquely crafted sounds to your story?

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