I’m bad at writing biographies of myself. Real bad. To me it feels strange and arrogant to write about yourself and your accomplishments and credits and whatnot...

So, I’ve posted all of that stuff below in my boring but informative CV, if you’re interested. 


I do have an obsessive, sometimes overwhelming passion for music.  I work really hard at it.  I’ve been studying, practicing, performing, writing, teaching and recording it for a long time now. Contact me, I’m ready to make sounds.

As a human person, I grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, started saxophone in middle school, learned guitar and piano along the way (thanks Mom), played in lots of bands and ensembles, went to college for music, did some touring, worked some "normal" jobs, moved to Illinois for a spell, then wound up in Austin, where I still live with my wife, who is a cellist and painter.

I do studio work, mix and master audio, perform ( or did pre covid-19) with jazz bands, symphonies, rock and funk groups and spend lots of time composing and arranging music.  I also write music for film.  My favorite color is blue, I don’t know why.

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