Here are some records/film scores I've played on, produced, composed or arranged music for... you should listen to and/or buy them. They are all good.  (credits listed below)

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Zack Varner, Blues in the Nude, released 2018, (saxophone, composer, bandleader, producer)

Jo James, Back Home, released 2020  (tenor saxophone)

Laura Otero, From Noche to Night, released 2015 - Destiny Records (clarinet, alto saxophone)

Jungol, Places, released 2009 (songwriter, guitar, keyboards, vocals, saxophone, co-producer)

Jungol, Tiny Heaven, released 2007 (songwriter, guitar, keyboards, saxophone, vocals, co-producer)

Brady Allen, Mine to Give, released 2015 (alto and tenor saxophones)

Grizzly Adams Family, Cloverdale, released 2015 (tenor saxophone)

Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Journey, released 2004 - Summit Records (alto saxophone)

Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Wind Legacy, released 2005 - Summit Records (alto sax)

Jo James, Midnight Dealin', released 2019  (tenor saxophone, horn arrangement)

Kristoffer Gori Verdoner, Frigga Feetless, released 2015  (alto saxophone)

Brooks Prumo Orchestra, Pass the Bounce, released 2017 (arranger)

Marc Schaefgen, Merry Christmas from Austin, released 2017 - Glowing Tubes Records (alto saxophone, clarinet)

Sister Aimee, feature film by Kill Claudio Productions, released 2019 (clarinet and alto saxophone)